Multiple Myeloma Modeling

The Multiple Myeloma Working Group, funded as an Incubator Program cancer site, consists of two modeling groups and a coordinating center. Multiple myeloma (MM) is a common, incurable hematologic malignancy whose management is extremely costly, with long-established disparities disproportionally inflicting African American populations. However, MM lacks comparative modeling, like the six cancer sites within the CISNET to guide its prevention and control policies. The investigators are developing such modeling to assess the value of guideline-recommended therapies and novel intervention strategies for MM prevention and control across the MM care continuum with the goals of reducing MM burden and disparities. The specific aims are:

  1. Comparatively build, calibrate, and validate evidence-based MM modeling across the MM continuum.
  2. Assess the impacts of novel intervention strategies on MM prevention in high-risk patients diagnosed with MGUS.
  3. Evaluate the impacts of novel treatment regimens on survival outcomes among patients diagnosed with MM.
  4. Assess whether, under what conditions, and in which ways the goal of eliminating racial disparities can be achieved through the proposed novel intervention strategies and treatment regimens.