CISNET Model Profiles

Modeling is a complex endeavor, and often it is very difficult to reconcile results from different models. To aid in this process of model description and comparison, CISNET has developed and implemented standardized model documentation. Model profiles are standardized descriptions that facilitate the comparison of models and their results. Users can read documentation about a single model or read side-by-side descriptions that contrast how models address different components of the process. Journal articles seldom contain extensive model descriptions; links from publications to model profiles provide a more complete model description.

Each CISNET team is given a private model profile Web site on which to maintain their model profile information and control what parts of their profile are shared with the rest of the consortium. Since the core documentation format is the same for each group, the published profile information is readily comparable among models.

The CISNET Model Profiles offer detailed technical documentation for each model. Model profiles can be found in each cancer-specific section: